ATTENTION WOMEN: Are you struggling to workout and eat clean?


stunning Lean 
toned physique 


This 28 Day Program Is EXACTLY What You Need To Start Turning Heads Again Even If You Haven’t Been To the Gym in Months!

Verified 250+ 5-Star Program Reviews

I’ve Been Avoiding The Mirror,
 I Don’t Like How My Body Looks...

You know this AWFUL feeling…

You’re getting dressed for the day - you go to check yourself out in the mirror like you always do…and you realize that you’ve put on some lbs. Trying to ignore it, you suck in your tummy and pretend everything is fine.
Maybe it is the first day
You swear to go on a diet. You swear to workout more.  The habit starts for a few days...but quickly falls by the wayside. 
BUT, every morning like clockwork, you’re in front of that mirror completely ashamed of what you see. In these moments most women wonder how they let themselves go. With no real plan in start to avoid looking in the mirror at all.  

You KNOW It’s Time To 

Transform Your Physique...

But Being Consistent Feels IMPOSSIBLE

We're Kevin Atkinson and Courtney Bubeck, owners of Sweat 60 - one of the top training gyms in Santa Monica… people come to our world-renowned gym in Santa Monica to transform their bodies and get into the best shape of their lives.

People walk through our doors when they're done with all the "gimmicky"

...magic “fat killing” supplements
...extremely restrictive food plans
...2 hour long elliptical workouts
...and all the other hype

None of those things ever move the needle much.
At Sweat 60 we believe in teaching people our tried and true workout & nutrition system that REALLY gets results.
If I’ve learned ONE thing running a top-tier gym with hundreds of 5-star’s that to see fast results, some workouts and most fad diets just won’t work.

And frankly, it’s hard to know exactly what to do and how to do it. With all the workout and nutrition advice out there, it’s EASY to get confused. That’s why the Sweat 60's mission is to help people overcome their battle with yo-yo diets and inconsistent workouts to start living a confident life they will love.
Verified 250+ 5-Star Program Reviews

It’s Time To Stop The Madness

Here Are Some Hidden Diet & Fitness LIES That Keep Women Out of Shape

LIE #1

You Need to Do Hours 
of Cardio To Lose Weight...

While cardio (or any physical activity for that matter) burns calories. The energy you burn during cardio isn’t just to burn calories. It’s to lose fat.

There are easier and quicker ways to cut fat and they don’t take hours either!

LIE #2

Carbs are bad for you

Carbs don’t make you fat or unhealthy. In fact carbs are vitally important for building muscle and reducing your intake doesn’t make the fat burn off any faster.

It’s all a matter of energy balance. If you eat more calories than you burn in carbs, you’ll gain weight.

But it isn’t because of the carbs...

LIE #3

if you do circuits,
you'll get bulky

Circuits aren’t just for people who want bulging biceps.
In fact, if you want lean, toned and sexy muscles circuits and lifting weight will get you there.

That’s what we do at Sweat 60. We’ve seen HUNDREDS of clients transform their bodies using weight lifting and circuits to do it!

This Is The Power-Packed Body Transformation Breakthrough That Will Have You Turning Heads In Less Than a Month!


  • You’re ready to get lean and stay lean effortlessly...
  • You feel confuse​d by all of the conflicting diet and exercise information
  • ​You’re ready to transform your body but you just don’t know how
  • ​You’re tired of bland chicken breast and boring salads and you want to eat food you ACTUALLY enjoy...
  • ​You find it hard to stick to an exercise routine...
Verified 250+ 5-Star Program Reviews

Introducing the 28-day

sweat at home challenge

This is your chance to get body confident and get the help you need to become lean and toned. Instead of feeling stuck, alone and overwhelmed...we’re going to give you the EXACT guide to getting in shape using our tried and true methods. 

The 28-Day Sweat At Home Challenge will help you burn off fat, and start getting lean in less than a month with total confidence. You’re getting access to an insanely effective set of body-sculpting workouts over the course of the next 28 days that are going to transform your body. 

And to GUARANTEE that you get results, you’re getting accountability support in our challenge group too!

Since COVID hit and we weren't able to physically train in the gym, the Sweat60 team filmed professional quality fitness videos for us to train at home. No weights were required - it's all bodyweight training. The 28 day program is so reasonably priced and the workouts are amazing. They even show you how to modify workouts depending on your injuries / overall fitness level. I truly appreciate the amount of work this team has put in to keep their clients feeling motivated and healthy. I'm so thankful to have their workout program as a part of my routine because its really helping with anxiety during this uncertain time.


See the results other people are getting 
from the Sweat at home challenge

 I did a 28 day online training program and it far exceeded my expectations. Kevin and Courtney are absolute pro's and they will push you to achieve your best results. They are both extremely knowledgeable, but what I enjoyed most was their positivity and ability to motivate you to keep after it. I upgraded to accountability coaching and Kevin especially impressed me by checking in almost every day to make sure I was getting the most out of the course. I'd recommend their online or on-site programs to anyone looking to push themselves to achieve another level of success.


 I joined during COVID and jumped into their 28 day Challenge. The workouts are great for people at any level. They offer challenging moves with adjustments for people who are beginners. Courtney and Kevin are great! Highly recommended!

Erin b

I am loving the workouts, the flexibility and flow sessions built in too. :) I feel so much stronger! 


This program is everything! The exercises are spot on! Love it and also hate them,I say that with LOVE. You two are the DYNAMO DUO! Love you guys! I am aware of every breath I take and how much I've neglected myself ...this is definitely a pattern I am trying to break. I am trying to be patient with myself (YET AGAIN) so I haven't started counting the reps. I see however how this will help me during this process. I guess it will even help me build new neuro pathways of believing in myself that I CAN DO THIS. I've disappointed myself so much in the past that the trust in self is broken which is also why starting is such a pain in the ass, even though I feel great afterwards. The thought is I will disappoint myself again or give up on myself so what's the point in even trying! Thank you guys for creating this. I don't know where I would be without this program! 


this is what the 28-day sweat 
at home challenge is helping women attain

  •  The lean & toned body you’ve always craved so that you can be more confident
  • ​Effortless clean eating habits...without any fad diets!
  • ​The confidence you need to chase after each and every one of your dreams...
  • ​A new burst of energy so that you can keep up with everything life has to offer you
  • Feel unstoppable and start achieving the things you’ve always desired
  • Lasting results with an exercise routine you love.
and you're going to have all of this while building your confidence
and feeling amazing about your progress in only 28 days
Verified 250+ 5-Star Program Reviews



  • ​28 Days of On-Demand Workouts ($997 VALUE): You’ll receive 28 days worth of incredible body-sculpting workouts for all fitness levels including 3 Recovery Sessions.
  • ​Your Nutrition Strategy:($67): A step by step process to understanding exactly how to reach your nutrition goals.
  • ​Macro Adjustment Guide ($57): Personalized calorie target and fat shredding templates that you can use to hit your goals everyday.
  • Calorie Calculator ($47): Find out how many calories you burn in a day to discover the calorie intake sweet spot you need to reach your fat loss and lean muscle goals.
  • Simple Grocery List ($27): Pick healthy foods and never wonder what to buy at the store again. Courtney and I will give you our personal grocery list so you're never left guessing. 
  • Accountability Checklist and Diet Diary ($37): Track and measure your progress each day. Email to Kevin and Courtney each week for feedback. 


The 28 Day Sweat At Home Challenge is going to change your life...and we’re willing to PROVE it to you. Get access TODAY, and if, for ANY reason, you don’t love the plan...just let us know anytime in the first 60 days, and we’ll refund every cent you paid. No questions asked.
Which means there’s absolutely NO RISK when you try it today!

for a very limited time

you can get the 28 day sweat at home 
challenge for Reg. $1,232 only $67! 

you really only have 3 options

You could leave this page. 
But struggling to get into shape yourself for so long...I’d be surprised if you did that. You could continue down the same path, hating how you look in clothes, eating foods that aren’t helping your figure. Feeling horrible and depressed every time you look in the mirror. 
You could take what you’ve learned here, and go try another random fitness and nutrition plan all on your own. 
With no support or accountability...likely taking advice from someone who doesn’t really care about you...
You can decide RIGHT NOW that today is the day you take your body back. 

And start using the 28 Day Sweat At Home Challenge to get your dream body starting NOW. In as little as 4-weeks everything could look completely different for you with this ONE decision…
The choice is yours… It’s Time For You To Get Your Confidence BACK! 

About Kevin + Courtney Atkinson 

As a former Division 1 athletes and certified fitness coaches Kevin and Courtney Atkinson opened Sweat 60 in Santa Monica after being tired of cookie-cutter exercise classes at normal gyms.

Their proven techniques help women to drop pants sizes and shred fat. With over 250+ 5-star reviews, it’s easy to see that Kevin and Courtney's workout & nutrition strategies WORK.

The 28 Day Sweat At Home Challenge is a program designed for women looking to gain confidence and one up their bodies with ease.

With the help of Kevin and Courtney and their PROVEN 28 Day body transformation program ALL of the heavy lifting has been done for you. You just need to trust the process and you’ll see results!



We see our 28 Day Sweat At Home Challenge students losing anywhere from 10-15lbs in 28 days. Which is amazing! But, more importantly you’ll feel yourself getting much stronger and more fit.
The 28 Day Sweat At Home Challenge lasts (you guessed it!) 28 days. We’ve found this is long enough to see lasting change in the bodies of our students.
The 28 Day Sweat At Home Challenge workouts and program materials will be sent to you via login inside your email. Everything is on demand so you can access them whenever you want!
Our programs are designed to make sure you break a sweat! The 28 Day Sweat At Home Challenge workouts are challenging, but you’ll always be able to use the modifications shown in each video while you build strength.
You won’t be eating like a rabbit here! We want you to eat whole foods that keep you full and help you to burn fat. Everything you need to eat is right inside your nutrition strategies and simple grocery list.